Data Security and Confidentiality

data securityIn the business of Medical Billing outsourcing, the data of the Healthcare Provider/ Hospital/ Billing Company, Patients and the Insurance Company are involved. This is one major concern of the clients as far as the out sourcing industry is concerned.

Secured Server: A secured server is in place to download the data from the Healthcare Provider to our domain over FTP.

Network Security: The data getting to the associates are through a secured connection to their work station. Security policy in place to ensure network security.

Employees: Employees have access only to the billing software and the tools necessary to execute their tasks. Other sites are not accessible to the employees. All the work stations are monitored from the time an employee logs in to the time he logs out. All employees sign the Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreement.

Antivirus Protection: In place to ensure security of our systems.

Security Audit: Monthly surprise security audit in place to ensure security of data.

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