Why Kaiser

Why Kaiser

Kaiser is providing billing services to the US Healthcare industry since the last five years.

The team comprises of experts in billing services with 10 to 16 years service coming together and forming Kaiser the “Emperor”.

Kaiser is HIPAA Complaint and has a secured work environment.

All the latest software in billing service and security software in place. This is to ensure security of patients’ information and execute billing services in an easy and secured manner.

Kaiser has the right people, rich experience, latest technology and the necessary infrastructure to provide Health care strategic services to US Healthcare Industry.

The turnaround time for charge entry and submission of claim is 12 to 24hrs.

The rejected claims are addressed on the same day and resubmitted.

Follow up Process in place to follow up insurance company after 30 days from the date of submission of claim.

AR Monthly follow up report is given to the client with the details of pending claims and the reasons for the same. Claims are followed up with the insurance company in conjunction with the clients till payment is received.

Disaster Recovery Centre in place to manage business during emergency.

Kaiser provides reliable and cost effective services to the clients.

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